This e-book provides a brief overview of a few nutrition topics to help quiet the noise around food. When you look around in magazines, ads, restaurants, social media, and more - what do you see? Loud messaging trying to draw you in by sowing discontent with your health and body. You are presented with products, programs, and the perfect solution. Here we are just going to touch the surface of a very in-depth discussion.


The answer you may be searching for is not attractive. In fact, it is full of nuance. Our goal should be to respect our body and nourish it intentionally without guilt. You are uniquely created. Therefore, there is no one size fits all. This little book is geared to provide simple nutrition education to lay a foundation with tidbits of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition.



- 40+ pages of resouces

- balanced meal building strategies 

- many meal ideas 

- small habits and tangible goal setting 


Introduction to Nutrition E-book